Recent working papers (more...)

  1. Machines and machinists: Importing skill-biased technology

    August 2017

  2. Cattle, Steaks and Restaurants: Development Accounting when Space Matters

    June 2017

  3. Learning to Import from Your Peers

    June 2017

Recent peer-reviewed publications (more...)

  1. A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade: Reply

    March 2016

    Roc Armenter and Miklós Koren, 2016. “A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade: Reply.” American Economic Review. 106(3).

  2. Imported Inputs and Productivity

    December 2015

    László Halpern, Miklós Koren and Adam Szeidl, 2015. “Imported Inputs and Productivity.” American Economic Review. 105(12), pp. 3660-3703.

  3. Administrative Barriers to Trade

    January 2015

    Cecília Hornok and Miklós Koren, 2015. “Administrative Barriers to Trade.” Journal of International Economics. 96(S1), pp. S110-S122.

Recent publications in hungarian (more...)

  1. Cégek kapcsolati hálózatainak gazdasági szerepe

    November 2014

    Kondor Péter, Koren Miklós, Pál Jenő és Szeidl Ádám, 2014. “Cégek kapcsolati hálózatainak gazdasági szerepe.” Közgazdasági Szemle. LXI(November), pp. 1341-1360.

  2. A külkereskedelem hatása a vállalati munkaerőre és a bérek alakulására

    August 2012

    In: Fazekas K, Benczúr P, Telegdy Á (szerk.) Munkerőpiaci Tükör, 2012. pp. 249-274.

  3. A minimálbér költségvetési hatásai

    January 2004

    Halpern László, Koren Miklós, Kőrösi Gábor és Vincze János, 2004. “A minimálbér költségvetési hatásai.” Közgazdasági Szemle. 51(4), pp. 325-345.

Recent other publications (more...)

  1. Winners and Losers of Globalization: Sixteen Challenges for Measurement and Theory

    March 2017

    in: Mátyás et al. (eds), Economics without Borders: Economic Research for European Policy Challenges. Cambridge University Press. Chapter 6, pp 230-273.

  2. Trade and Development in a Globalized World: The Roadmap for a Research Agenda

    October 2015

    COEURE Survey, Chapter 11.

  3. The impact of international trade on employment and wages

    May 2013

    In: Fazekas K, Benczúr P, Telegdy Á (eds.) The Hungarian labour market, 2013. Budapest: Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; National Employment Non-profit Public Company, 2013. pp. 246-272.

Recent work in progress (more...)

  1. Efficiciency Losses from Misallocating Government Contracts

    June 2017

  2. The Economic Geography of Supply Chains

    January 2017

  3. Transit Trade and Economic Geography

    September 2014